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Civil Litigation Attorney

At Shea | Beaty, our civil litigation lawyers are dedicated to protecting your rights and seeking justice for you in a wide range of legal disputes. Our expert team of civil litigation lawyers has extensive experience in handling complex litigation matters, including business disputes, breach of contract cases, real estate disputes, and more.

When it comes to civil disputes, our law firm understands that each case is unique, and we approach each one with a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the civil litigation process. From the initial filing of a civil claim to the discovery stage, negotiations, and, if necessary, trial, we provide unwavering support and representation every step of the way.

While we always strive to find amicable resolutions through settlement negotiations, we are well-prepared to take your case to trial if necessary. Our civil litigation attorneys have honed their skills in the courtroom, employing bold trial techniques and showcasing an impressive trial presence. We are not afraid to engage in lengthy trials to fight for your rights and achieve the best possible outcome for you.

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A Wide Range Of Civil Litigation Services

Our civil litigation practice spans a wide range of legal issues, including but not limited to bankruptcy litigation, construction disputes, employment litigation, intellectual property disputes, real estate litigation, and more. We handle multidistrict litigation cases and have a track record of successfully protecting our clients’ interests in complex and contentious litigation matters.

At Shea | Beaty, we understand that litigation can be a challenging and stressful process. As an Attorney in Sherman, Tx, we strive to alleviate as much of that burden as possible. We work efficiently and effectively to minimize the expenses of litigation while maximizing the likelihood of a favorable resolution for you.

If you find yourself facing a legal dispute or in need of representation in civil litigation matters, our experienced team of civil litigation attorneys is here to support you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can protect your rights and advocate for you in even the most complex and contentious cases. Let our expertise and dedication guide you through the risks of litigation and ensure that you receive the justice you deserve.

A Civil Litigation Lawyer Definition

A civil litigation attorney, also known as a trial lawyer, specializes in representing clients in legal disputes that do not involve criminal charges. These attorneys are skilled in navigating the complex legal system, advocating for their clients’ best interests, and resolving matters through negotiation or litigation.

Civil litigation attorneys handle a wide range of legal issues, including but not limited to business disputes, breach of contract, real estate disputes, employment litigation, intellectual property disputes, real estate matters and personal injury cases. They are experienced in handling complex litigation matters and have a deep understanding of the civil litigation process.

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If you have a legal matter that requires the expertise of a skilled civil litigation attorney, our team is here to help. We understand that navigating the complexities of the legal system can be daunting, but you don’t have to face it alone. Our experienced attorneys are ready to guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to resolution.

To get in touch with us, simply fill out the contact form on our website or give us a call. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you and schedule a convenient time for your consultation. During this initial meeting, we will take the time to listen to your concerns, understand the details of your case, and provide you with a clear assessment of your legal options.

We pride ourselves on clear and effective communication, so you can expect us to explain the legal process and any potential challenges in an understandable and transparent manner. We will ensure that you are well-informed throughout every step of your case, empowering you to make informed decisions about your legal affairs.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional legal services extends beyond courtroom representation. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, respect, and open communication. We are dedicated to providing personalized attention and tailoring our strategies to meet your specific needs and goals.

Picture of Lawyer Trevor Beaty

Not Your Average Lawyer.

I don’t want to hear the lawyer jokes. I became a lawyer to help people and resolve problems. We listen to your needs and wants and make sure you understand all the potential risks and rewards in your case. We take pride in our responsiveness and innovation that ensures each clients get the best possible results. We don’t waste your time or money.
Trevor Beaty's Signature

Trevor J. Beaty,

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Praise From Trevor’s Clients.

Trevor helped me enormously on two seperate occasions. Both times he was very attentive and caring towards my sensative situations. He worked diligently to reach our desired goals and he achieved both times. It was a pleasure having him represent me. If you are in search for an attorney in or around the North Texas region, I 100{33efa27e9338f88551aa2ba25ffffac68c782f6d03bc44ca8c4ab5be80a31884} recomend him.

Trevor, I am grateful for the time and effort you put towards me and my situation. You have my deepest thanks. Keep up the great work.

Favian Montes Ovalle Headshot
Favian Montes Ovalle
Star Rating

Trevor was a tremendous help in my Decision making on how to File for my Divorce. He didn’t charge me and arm & a leg to file. He made me and my children feel like family and he cared about the outcome for us all. Even talked with my older children on how they felt about how we should file.
I recommend him to Anyone looking for an Attorney who cares about his clients !
Very Genuine, & Caring .
Easy to talk to and listens to you.
I don’t believe he’s in it for the Money.
I truly feel he wants to help people make good informed decisions that will benefit his Clients in the Long run.

Thank You Trevor

Trisha T's Headshot
Trisha T
Star Rating

Trevor represented me in my custody hearing case. He was kind, caring and thorough and listened to all my concerns. He made me feel much like a friend and not just a client. His office secretary Heather is amazing! Discussing issues, sending/receiving paperwork and addressing any issues was fast and easy. I would highly recommend Beaty Legal for any of your legal needs.

Ashley Stogsdill Headshot
Ashley Stogsdill
Star Rating

I’ve dealt with several attorney’s over the years for different reasons. I cannot say enough about Trevor and his legal assistant, Heather. Trevor actually cares about your case, and addresses the issues so you understand what’s happening. He upheld everything he said he would do. I strongly recommend him for your battle that you may be fighting. With Trevor, you won’t be fighting alone.

Bradleigh Herbert Headshot
Bradleigh Herbert
Star Rating

Trevor has been my personal attorney for years. I can’t put into words how good he is. I consider him not only an outstanding attorney who fights fiercely for his clients but also a friend.

Thank You Trevor

Jason Schilli Headshot
Jason Schilli
Star Rating

Very kind personable lawyer. Staff is caring and kind and willing to help through the whole process. Great firm to work with!

Amy Williams Headshot
Amy Williams
Star Rating

Very personable and all questions and concerns were responded to very quickly. For those of you needing someone who is professional look no further.

Mallorie Simmons Headshot
Malorie Simmons
Star Rating

Friendly and efficient. Worth every penny. Really helped us through a rough time.

Melissa Smallwood Headshot
Melissa Smallwood
Star Rating

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